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  • SMS is a simple, economical, and fastest way to communicate with mobile contacts.
  • A timely, personalized SMS message can help you build relationships with people that matter to your business customers and staff.
  • Texting can help you reduce time-consuming processes such as outbound calling etc.
  • Customer no-shows adversely affect business revenue. Studies suggest that, SMS appointment reminders can reduce no-shows by up to 80%.
  • SMS can be sent at a fraction of the cost of most other communication channels, and when productivity gains are added, SMS can save you a fortune.

  1. School closure notification
  2. Examination date notification
  3. SMS API Integration with attendance systems
  4. Fee reminder alerts
  5. Emergency announcement

  1. Promotion for festive offer or discount
  2. Greetings on Occasions
  3. Order confirmation alerts
  4. Customer Loyalty Program
  5. Shopping Cart/ Shipment confirmation

  1. Event Update
  2. Membership Renewal alerts
  3. Invitation alerts

  1. Discount Notification
  2. Hotel booking confirmation
  3. Reservation confirmation
  4. Tour Plan confirmation
Real Estate:

  1. Promotional Campaign
  2. Announce new project launches
  3. Payment Reminder
  4. Important updates
Stock Market:

  1. Market News update
  2. End of Day Position Notification
  3. Trade Confirmation Notification

  1. Service Reminder
  2. Promotional sales/offers
  3. Customer Feedback Survey
  4. Invitation for Test Drive
Banks/ Financial Services:

  1. Transaction alerts
  2. OTP (one time password)
  3. Due Payment Notification
  4. Loan offers
  5. Received payment confirmation

  1. Ticket booking confirmation
  2. Flight delays
  3. Flight Cancellation notification
  4. Season offers notification
  5. PNR status