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Transactional SMS

Transactional Bulk SMS Services In Dehradun

Transactional SMS has a major reason to passing the necessary information to the clients or users. Intended to inform about the services or the products they are using, it becomes necessary to deliver quality information to the general public at a right time. It does not contain any kind of promotional or marketing data thus, as per the TRAI Guideline, it is permitted to send SMS to the DND (Do Not Disturb) or NDNC registered numbers through Transactional SMS.

Sending informational SMS to the customers is simple, quick and convenient. Being one of the leading amongst Bulk SMS Providers in Dehradun, Tree Multisoft works with its team of experts assists in convenient delivery of information to the people.

With an informative or Alert SMS, it can be possible to send the necessary notifications or updates to the public. For example- Educational institutions can send urgent notifications to students and parents by Transactional SMS Service. Railways, Banks and other financial institutions can also notify people about the services or intimate about other necessary information.

Bulk SMS in Dehradun serves as a highly effective type of strategy to deal with. Passing of the quality information to individuals with the help of SMS is obviously an efficient way, as the medium helps in direct delivery of messages to existing customers and the prospects. Large numbers of Indian companies are using this type of service to fulfill their varying objectives.

Benefits of Transactional SMS:

1. Enables to send messages to DND numbers.
2. These SMS can be sent without any time constraint.
3. Delivering urgent information to the set of audience is possible with Transactional Bulk SMS.
4. Push Delivery report option is available.
5. Free API to integrate in your software’s, only pay for SMS credits; even you can enable IP authentication to block list server IP.

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