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Voice SMS Services

Voice SMS Services

Voice SMS Service- In the time of developing technologies, Bulk Voice Calls is being used highly in the place of marketing. As an effective tool of Promotion or Marketing, Voice SMS Service reaches multiple customers with a pre- recorded voice message that can be reliable to reach large number of audience. One (end-user) can give their response through the touch tone inputs. It would be worthwhile, if one is intended to create better touch with the customers. The foremost feature or the promising comes with the flexibility that of the voice message can be recorded in their own regional language. This method of communicating or connecting large people can be very flexible through the regional languages.

In comparison of text message, voice message can be highly effective and beneficial. As it will save your time by record a voice message on your phone that would be ease in understanding among all the people.

Tree Multisoft in Dehradun offers you to go through the Bulk Voice SMS Service also. Tree Multisoft provides Bulk SMS Solutions to bring all those marketing & promotion influential in your business. With the service like Voice SMS, Tree Multisoft has grabbed the good marketplace in Dehradun. Pricing matches with your expected rates and the quality matches your expectation in great! Services is being fascinated with Web-based software is 100% free, providing 24/7 support fast & quality connections to mobile networks reliable with the fastest receiving of SMS.

Tree Multisoft Services is a leading Bulk Voice SMS Service Provider in Dehradun at very reasonable pricing. And as leading in providing Voice SMS Service Transactional, Promotional & Marketing SMS services in Dehradun assured you to get up to 100% delivery of messages.

To know more, you can easily contact us @9997071506, 8266000033. We are happy to know your response.

Benefits of Voice SMS Service:

Personal Touch of Communicate and Connection- Voice message has greater impact compared to text.
More personal way of connect people.
Reach large number of customers which is be well versed in regional language.
Real-time reporting- Measures response of the campaign.
Bulk Voice SMS can be used universally or can be sending to all kind of users (mobile and landline users).
Effective marketing tool as to promote their product, services or brand

Voice SMS features

Reports your voice messages in an instant mode.
Connects people to your Mobile marketing Campaign.
Instant response with the use of interactive feature.
Real-time reporting to measure the response of the campaign.
Your voice campaigns can schedule at the preferred date & time.
You need to pay only for delivered calls.

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